Carlo Palumbo

Carlo Palumbo 1Hello sour beer lovers, my name is Carlo Palumbo. I am currently the manager of one of my family’s restaurants, Davinci’s Italian Eatery. I am a certified former bartender with over four years of experience, ranging from bartending at a golf course, to banquets, private parties, and downtown sports bars. I am a BJCP judge, and am currently enrolled in Harrisburg Area Community College’s certification in enology program. My love for beer started when I used to tend bar and first began with German and Belgian beers when I was working at the golf course, eventually shifting to American craft beer when I bartended in the city. In the early years I started with Sam Adams Boston Lager, and moved onto Magic Hat, Oktoberfest, and Fat Angel (I love you and miss you Fat Angel!).  I owned a pizzeria in Harrisburg for 10 years, and during that time did a “100 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” at a bar across the street.  I further developed my love of craft beer by frequenting a local brewpub that also carried 300+ beers from around the world.

I first got my start in the “brewing” world through winemaking.  I started helping my dad make wine when I was young and every fall, we still make around 200 gallons together. I’ve been brewing beer for about 4 & 1/2 years as well. One day, I was talking to Cale about how I wanted to try home brewing beer. He said that his buddy Matt Miller was brewing that week, so why don’t we go up and check it out. I was hooked and after that I decided to brew a cherry-ginger-amber-spiced Christmas beer.  I used pre-hopped malt extract and soda flavorings… The beer turned out terribly, but I still have the carboy full of this first brew stashed away for nostalgic reasons. After that Cale and I brewed two beer kits, and then started partial mashing my own recipes both because it was cheaper and because it gave us more control over the finished beer. I have been brewing terrible beer ever since! (haha)  I currently brew on a one-tier all-electric system. I also dabble in wine and mead projects, and lately I have been studying and working on beer and food pairings.  I look forward to bringing these various interests and experiences to you when writing for this site.

-Carlo Palumbo

Up on stage celebrating the club of the year win for The Brewing Network Club

Up on stage celebrating the club of the year win for The Brewing Network Club

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