Sour Beer Map

Hello Sour Beer Travelers!

If you’re anything like me, then chances are that you enjoy seeking out places to drink a tasty sour beer while traveling.  Unfortunately, sometimes these niche beers can be difficult to find!  Therefore, we have created this sour beer map to help you find both breweries known to regularly produce sour beers as well as bars and restaurants that consistently offer sour beers on their menus.  I hope you find it useful during your travels.  If you are using a mobile device or application that supports google maps, you can also click here for a direct link to the sour beer map.

This map, like any reference to real world places, is a continuously evolving work in process.  If you have favorite breweries, bars, or restaurants in your area which consistently serve sour beer, please email me so that they can be added to the map.

Matt “Dr. Lambic” Miller

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