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Epic Kriek Tasting Coming Soon

This July I will be hosting a delicious and educational beer and food tasting night focused entirely on the kriek variety of lambic beers.  This will be a small event for 8 people including some craft beer friends and members of my local homebrew club. I will be serving around 20 different krieks in a series of 4 guided flights with each flight focusing on a different character of the style. In all, the night will feature krieks from nearly every traditional Belgian lambic brewery as well as a few examples blended domestically as well. In between the flights...

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Dr. Lambic is Born!

Hello Sour Beer Friends! To kick off  my brand spanking new and snazzy beer blog I would like to introduce myself and share my reasons for creating this site. My name is Matt and like many others before me, my journey into a love of craft beer has been a meandering one. When  I was about 10 years old there was an unusual fad going on in my elementary school.  Seemingly out of no-where sour candies had become so popular that kids were bringing them to school and trading them on the playground.  With names like Goosebumps,  Tear Jerkers,...

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