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Powell’s Wildberry Kveik

  Hello Sour Beer Friends! I have had a busy spring and summer working on opening my own brewery.  After a half-year hiatus, it feels good to “saddle up” and get back to writing about the good, the sour, and the funky once again.  Today’s article will be a mixed bag of those three descriptors.  We are going to explore a recent collaboration beer that am I excited to be involved with, Powell’s Blackberry Kveik.  The point of the article is not so-much the beer itself, but rather the process of working with new ingredients and ways to steer...

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Dr. Lambic Is Opening A Brewery!

Hello Sour Beer Friends! I don’t often do much actual “blogging” on Sour Beer Blog, but today I’m excited to make an exception to discuss a new project in my life: I’m opening a brewery! During my years as a homebrewer, I’ve always enjoyed the hobby for the opportunities it gave me to learn the science of brewing, hone my palate, and practice the blending of complex and delicious sour beers.  Yet every time I finish a brewing or blending project, I find myself wishing there were more bottles to go around!  This desire to scale up and share...

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A Guide To Blending Sour Beer With Fruit

Hello Sour Brewers! Fruit and beer have long had a relationship which extends through history to the earliest known fermented beverages.  Keeping with this tradition, it seems that it would be a rare homebrewer who has never experienced the urge to incorporate some type of fruit into one of their recipes.  I know for a fact that if you looked back through my first 20 to 40 brew logs you would find an American wheat with blueberries, a kiwi pale ale, and a raspberry porter.   In fact, as a young homebrewer, I remember those beers as being some of...

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Jester King Spon 2016 Méthode Gueuze – Tasting and Interview

Hello Sour Beer Friends! The lambic beers of Belgium, and more specifically Oude Gueuze blends, have always held a special place in my heart and mind.  In my pre-brewing years, the flavors of Hanssens Oude Gueuze sparked my love for sour beers as a whole.  Lambic styles, and the brewers who create them, continue to inspire my brewing and blending program today with their subtle and balanced array of aromatics, bright acidity, and unique flavors. When I learned several years ago that Jester King, a farmhouse brewery well known for quality beer, was developing its own spontaneous fermentation program,...

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The Sour Beer Brewday

Hello Sour Brewers! When thinking about the creation of sour and farmhouse beers, a number of images such as rows of oak foudres, Brettanomyces pellicles, and sampling glasses being filled from a barrel head often come to mind.  To these styles, there’s no question that mixed groupings of yeast and bacteria are key characters in the show.  But before these organisms get the chance to step into the spotlight, a dedicated brewer must set the stage for their performance.  In this article, we are going to explore the different ways that brewers can set this stage, and how different...

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