Author: Dr. Lambic

The Rare Barrel: Brewery Profile, Interview, and Tasting

Hello Sour Beer Friends, Those of you who listen to the sour beer and brewing podcast The Sour Hour will know that from time to time I have had the pleasure of being interviewed on the show.  If you haven’t tuned into the live show or downloaded the podcast episodes, you absolutely should!  The Sour Hour is a tremendous wellspring of sour brewing education.  The format of the show finds it’s host, Jay Goodwin, head brewer and co-founder of The Rare Barrel, both answering listener questions and interviewing other well known sour brewers with the help of his co-host...

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The Complete Guide To Brewing After The Zombie Apocalypse

Hello Survivors! We always had a feeling that this day would come…  Some well-meaning sour brewer was trying to milk the funk too hard… trying to use phage viruses to splice lactic acid genes into a strain of Brettanomyces and BAM…  Zombies everywhere.  Oh well, the world was nice while it lasted… But it didn’t end did it? Hell no!  Few things in life are a stronger motivator for survival than a basement full of homebrew and all of those carboys of aging sour beer that you’ve been patiently waiting to blend.  You weren’t about to let a few...

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Dr. Lambic’s Guide to Brewing Your First Sour Beer

Hello Sour Beer Friends! I recently wrote a guest article for the startup hobby website  This three-page guide to brewing your first sour beer provides the basics (including brewing steps, recipes, and strain selection options) for beginning homebrewers looking to brew their first sour beer.  I hope you’ll check it out! Cheers! Matt “Dr. Lambic”...

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Fundamentals of Sour Beer Fermentation

Hello Sour Brewers, Earlier this year, I announced that I would like to focus several of the educational articles published during 2016 on Sour Beer Blog to topics related to the creation of complex, long aged, sour beers.  While I love the versatility and simplicity of fast (kettle) soured beers, I have always believed that the true artistry, skill, and magic of sour brewing is exemplified within aged and blended sours.  In February, I started this series of articles with a detailed discussion of Blending Sour Beers.  Like a Quentin Tarantino movie, this article began our journey at the end...

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HomeBrewCon 2016 – Sour Beer Brewlogs

Hello Sour Homebrewers! When I write articles for Sour Beer Blog, I tend not to write about my individual sour beer projects or brew days.  I’ve always felt that since my readers cannot easily taste any given beer that I may be brewing, the exact details of my brew day and other various measurements become fairly meaningless.  Well today I’m breaking that trend and writing about our brewing projects with a specific audience in mind.  If you will be attending the National Homebrewer’s Convention aka. HomeBrewCon 2016 then hopefully you will check out our booth at Club Night.  We...

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