Author: Dr. Lambic

Understanding Esterification

Hello Sour Beer Friends! Today I would like to discuss an important family of compounds responsible for many of the appealing aromas and flavors found within sour beers: Esters.  Recently, Cale and I were brewing a round of golden and red sours to serve as blending bases for the beers we intend to take to this year’s National Homebrewer’s Convention. In doing so, we opened up an Erlenmeyer flask of our house Brettanomyces culture to find that it was bursting with bright aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit salad.  While these aromas have developed a number of times in...

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Upland Brewing: A Sour Brewing Profile, Interview, and Tasting

Hello Sour Beer Friends! This  past month marked the second anniversary of our first post on Sour Beer Blog!  Over these two years, the American sour beer scene has experienced record breaking growth both in the number and quality of sour beers being produced.  When creating Sour Beer Blog, one of my goals was to amass a collection of well-informed flavor-based reviews that took into account qualities specific to sour beers.  In addition to being useful to consumers, I feel that such reviews can serve as important guides and teaching points for sour brewers looking to hone their palates.  However,...

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Sour Beer Blending

Hello Sour Beer Friends! Over the past two years, the popularity of craft brewed American sour beers has skyrocketed and a plethora of new sours have been introduced to the market.  The fact that a high percentage of these have been of the fast / kettle soured variety has led me to write quite a bit geared toward the quality production of fast soured beers.  Feeling that I have achieved my goal of providing thorough guidance regarding these beers, I would like to turn my attention throughout 2016 toward my first passion: aged and blended sours.  In my opinion,...

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Draai Laag The Plague

Happy New Year Sour Beer Friends! Recently I had the opportunity to taste my first beer from Draai Laag Brewing Company of Millvale, Pennsylvania.  Residing in a suburb of Pittsburgh, the relatively small Draai Laag (pronounced “Dry Log”) brewery and pub opened their doors in 2009.  Since its inception, the brewery has focused solely on the production of Belgian inspired beers that employ mixed-microbe fermentations.  While not a “sour” brewery per se, many of Draai Laag’s beers do, never-the-less, have some level of acidity in their flavor profiles.  This is due to the inclusion of both wild yeast and/or...

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Lactobacillus 2.0 – Advanced Techniques for Fast Souring Beer

Hello Sour Brewers! Last December when I published our article on Fast Souring with Lactobacillus, I had hoped that it would provide a useful overview to both hobby and commercial brewers interested in using sour mashing, kettling, or worting techniques.  Personally, I have been blown away by the positive response that I have received from this article, which even now continues to be the most read, commented upon, and cited resource on the blog!   I believe that this success is due to both the dramatic explosion in popularity of the Gose and Berliner Weisse styles of sour beer as...

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