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Petrus Aged Red

Hello Sour Beer Friends! Have you ever been unsure of whether or not you liked a beer  until you learned some key fact about it?  Well this was exactly what happened to both myself and my two friends who took part in my spring equinox sour beer tasting night last Friday (03/21/2014).  The beer in question was the slightly sour Belgian specialty beer Petrus Aged Red. At this point I will bypass any suspense surrounding this beer and say that we all ended up really enjoying it.  The key point that I was referring to is the fact that...

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Birra del Borgo Duchessic

  Hello Sour Beer Friends! Up next on the roster from my spring equinox sour beer night is Duchessic by Birra del Borgo.  In the past decade, craft brewing has seen significant growth in Italy.  Similar to the craft brewing movement in America of the 1980’s, many Italian craft breweries are still trying to find their niche and hone their brewing skills.  However, one brewery I have found that is a clear notch above the competition is Birra del Borgo.  This brewery produces a variety of excellent beers including several nice sours and the beer well known in the...

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Hanssens Artisanaal Oude Gueuze

Hello Sour Beer Friends! This past Friday night, two close friends and myself celebrated the beginning of spring with a night of sour beers culminating with the opening of a bottle of the limited edition Drie Fonteinen Armand 4 Lente Gueuze.  This gueuze is part of a four bottle set, with each bottle being blended specifically to match the four seasons.  Over the next week I will be posting detailed reviews of all of the sour beers we drank that night, ending with a side by side tasting of the Armand 4 Lente (Spring) Gueuze with a bottle of...

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Pizza Boy Brewing Company’s Raspberry Sour

Hello Sour Beer Friends! Yesterday was  St. Patty’s Day!  Instead of celebrating the holiday by getting drunk on cheap tasting green-dyed beer, your guide to the wonderful world of sour beers decided to have a nice meal out with one of my good friends at a local craft brewery.  While most of central Pennsylvania has not yet developed the beer culture that places like San Diego, Portland, or Philadelphia have embraced, things are beginning to head in the right direction for craft beer and sour beer enthusiasts.  There are a few new craft breweries which have sprung up in...

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Cantillon Rosé de Gambrinus

Hello Sour Beer Friends! Today is the second to last day of my vacation and I’m hanging out at home, alone, and without much to do…  So I thought what better than crack a few sour beers while relaxing!  First up on my list is Cantillon’s Rosé de Gambrinus. I will start this review by saying that this beer is very high on the list of my favorite beers in the world, and certainly is always stocked in my cellar.  Jean van Roy, the 4th generation owner, brewer, and blender at the iconic Cantillon brewery in Brussels, Belgium, is...

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